What Users Say About SGS

Cardiovascular Surgeons CEO Steve Dickson says, “Our seven surgeons cover three hospitals, and multiple on-call assignments 24/7. SurgiScheduler gives them instant access to their up-to-the-minute surgery schedules and rounds lists for the day, week or year. Using this program we enjoy a much more efficient practice, without question.”

Monica Guerrero, Administrator, Southwest Heart & Lung, Phoenix - "I cannot get reports like that even from our billing program. I love the fact that you can track this!! And, the feedback I am getting from our schedulers is very positive."

Steve Kagan MD, surgeon - "We got rid of the Black Book immediately. Everyone is very excited about SurgiScheduler."

Debbie Slayton - Practice Manager, Carolina Vascular Surgery & Diagnosis, Raleigh NC - "We love it!"

Sandy Hartness - Practice Manager, Novant Health Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgeons, says, "The immediate access for everyone to our schedule is great. The benefits far outweigh the difficulties. I check the scheduler from home; the PA's say that they access it a lot from the hospital."

Brian Lasker, Practice Administrator, Birmingham Surgical PC says, "This is really good!" 

Johnny Chang MD, urologist says, "For a urology group of 2-20 surgeons, SurgiScheduler saves a lot of time!"

Leslie D., Nurse Scheduler says, "SurgiScheduler is just about perfect!"

Jill S., Scheduler says, "I can see this is going to make Dr. B's schedule a lot easier to manage."

Mary J., VP Marketing for a medical practice management company says, "I worked in a surgical group practice once. We had one scheduler for each surgeon; this product would have allowed us to get the job done with fewer unnecessary phone calls."

What Users Say About Registry Scheduler / RS

"In 22 years of running sales organizations worldwide, SurgiScheduler is the only software that provides me the ability to view inside operations and report on and project sales realtime, anytime."--Shawn Swank, Sales Manager

CEO of a Florida-based medical registry, says, "With SurgiScheduler, we've grown to a record number of completed cases with little or no increase in our time spent scheduling. We are very pleased with their agile response to our needs."

Dale Kunihira, MD, of Kaiser Hospital Santa Clara, CA says, "When I login and add a request to our Registry's SurgiScheduler, I have the comfort of seeing all the details of their confirmed commitment. This is a terrific program."

What Users Say About Anesthesia Group Scheduler / AGS

Laurence Wiener, MD, CEO of Professional Anesthesia Consultants, King of Prussia PA, says, "There are other sites that have all the pretty, medical bells and whistles, but none of them has the depth of capability and robustness of SurgiScheduler."

Sonia Schatz, Operations Manager, Anesthesia Registry, says, "We rely completely on SurgiScheduler."

Robin Martin RN, Anesthesia Scheduler, says, "It has been great having AGS - we have been able to reliably access it using the Internet. Overall, the functionality of Anesthesia Group Scheduler is well suited to meet our needs.

Celia Lema RN, Scheduling Nurse, says, "I can look into their schedule and book a nurse anesthetist for Dr. King's surgeries with no phone calls. What used to require two or three calls now requires less than a minute, and I get a confirmation number right away."

What Users Say About Mobile Medical Device Operator - SurgiScheduler

Marion Lodato, VP Operations says, "Our scheduling task is greatly simplified using SurgiScheduler."

Linda Carter - Managing Partner, Carter Surgical LLC says, "Dawn Welch our clinical operations manager really loves your program."

Karl Anderson MD, says, "It's so simple; I can schedule laser coverage for a surgery right then, while the patient is sitting in my office."

Mic Milner, of California Urological Services, San Francisco, CA says, "85% of our requests for services are booked by our customers directly to our SurgiScheduler Calendar. Our business has grown 200% without adding scheduling staff."

Chuck Watkins, CEO Wave Form Systems says, "We manage close to 6 times the amount of business we had when we started with SurgiScheduler in 2001. This product is scalable; our paperwork is reduced, and so is the burden on our scheduling staff."

Jennifer Guttman, Perioperative Materials Coordinator, Kaiser Hospital, Vallejo, CA, says, "I wish all of our outside vendors would use a SurgiScheduler Internet scheduling calendar."  

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