How We Started

SurgiScheduler began as WebScheduler LLC, a web-based scheduling software design and development company. In 1997, our first mission was to enable surgeons and nurses at all NCAL Kaiser hospitals to contract through an Internet connection with a small regional surgical laser rental company for technical services and equipment. Today SurgiScheduler serves both large and small healthcare clients as an on-line Software as a Service (SaaS) vendor, and workflow software designer.

How Our Iterative Development Process Works with Clients Today

1. Discuss core product's potential to improve operational efficiencies.

2. Listen to client and document existing workflow, needs and usage situations (Use Cases).

3. Customize and configure SurgiScheduler as required.

4. Throughout the history of the relationship clients know they can come to us, and make cost effective changes with no down time, as their needs change.

Our Principles: Why Customers Love Us
Allen S. Kent / CEO
Sean McKenna / CTO
Advisory Board
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