SGS-35 Help

SurgiScheduler controlled
User controlled
Business rules
Scheduled Event colors
PDA format
Calendar Views
Month View
Day View
Surgery List and Meetings
Surgery Event View
Meeting Event View
Administrator Month View
User Month View
Surgeon Month View
Maintaining Lists
Scheduled Event and Procedure
Add Scheduled Event
Manage Scheduled Event
Location and Carrier
Add location
Manage location
Add User
Manage User
User Attributes
Change user location
Change user email
Change user password
Change user authorization
Set Surgeon Values
Adding an event
User Add
Administrator Add
Add recurring item
Modifying an event
User Modify
Administrator Modify
Technician Modify
Technician Request
Deleting an event
User Delete
Administrator Delete
Adding a meeting
Modifying a meeting
Deleting a meeting
Patient Management
Adding patient details
Modifying patient details
Hospital List
Add patient to hospital list
Add a consult to hospital list
Patient History
Surgeon Management
On Call List
Surgeon Unavailability
Display Surgeon Schedules
Produce a report
Set up a report
Display a report
Download a report
Full Day Report
Sample reports
Location summary
Procedure breakout
Surgeon detail

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